A Video of How to Barbecue a Whole Lamb on a Spit

(Warning: If you don't want to see how to barbecue a whole lamb, do not watch this video.)

If you've ever wondered how to barbecue a whole lamb on a spit, here is a YouTube video that I made of my father-in-law cooking a lamb on a custom-built rotisserie grill. He is a Greek man who learned how to barbecue a lamb when he was a child. He has loved barbecue and grilling for basically his whole life and has consistently barbecued lambs on Greek Easter and on other holidays. I created this YouTube video back in July of 2009 and, to date, it has received more than 95,000 views on a former youTube channel. I just moved this video over to the LifewithGrilling youTube channel so the view counts starts from scratch..

We are looking forward to having another lamb in a few days for a July 4th celebration in this same location as seen in this video. It has been a tradition and this whole process between putting the lamb on the spit to the end of the cooking process takes about 5-6 hours but, during this time, we always are slicing off pieces as appetizers as you will see in the video. You'll eventually hear some great Greek music too!

(If you are at all squeamish about viewing a whole lamb, please do not watch this video.)

There is nothing like lamb on a barbecue grill. Charcoal grilling a lamb yields spectacular results! If you've wondered how to cook lamb on a spit, hopefully you enjoyed this tutorial. My father-in-law had this barbecue grill fashioned with an automated rotisserie so this is the ultimate in rotisserie cooking but you can do a similar thing on a smaller scale with a leg of lamb. I hope you enjoyed this video as so many others have in the past! Please share the love below by sharing this video or leave a comment!

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