The Best Jet Torch Butane Gas Lighter Review


I think I have finally found the best jet torch butane gas lighter! As an avid grilling and smoking (as in meats) enthusiast, lighting a chimney starter is an important and vital aspect of my hobby. I purchased a Zippo Lighter that I wrote about in this article, but after about six months the burner stopped working and it wouldn’t light.

So, I pulled out all the stops and hunted for what I now consider the best butane gas lighter out there on the market. The one that I was sent back in September of 2017 is called a CDC DIGI Jet Torch Lighter but the one I actually ordered is called the Lennov Jet Torch Butane Gas Lighter. I didn’t send it back because the one I received was exactly the same as the Lennov, it just had a different name on it. I really didn’t care about the name, only the features.

I’ve used it now to light my chimney starters, inside fireplace, and outside fireplace on a regular basis and it has been working perfectly for 9 months. What I love about it is that it is refillable and I’ve only had to fill it a handful of times. The Zippo Lighter that I previously used had to be filled regularly and eventually it died.

Check out my YouTube video below of me showing the features and eventually lighting my chimney starter.

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The Best Jet Torch Butane Gas Lighter features

  • Dimensions – 5 1/2 inches(height) x 4 1/2 inches(torch portion) x 1 3/4 inches(handle)
  • Shipping Weight – 6.5 oz
  • Color – Black handle and Metallic Silver torch portion
  • Awesome for lighting charcoal chimney starter in windy conditions
  • Can be used as a culinary torch
  • Adjusts from short flame to approximately 4 1/2″ flame
  • Lock flame adjustment if need to use torch continuously
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If you too would like to have the best gas lighter for your fire-starting needs, you cannot go wrong with this Lennov Jet Torch Butane Gas Lighter. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or use my Contact Me page!

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