Weber Lighter Cubes – A Review


If you love charcoal grilling, as I do, you already own a chimney starter of some type. I have a Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter and I use it every time I grill.

I tend to scope out as many different charcoal grilling accessories that I can find and one that I had never tried before were Weber Lighter Cubes. (Check out my youTube review below!)

I found the lighter cubes easy to use and they lit incredibly quickly as you will see in the video. The length of time it took for the flames to inch up to the top of my Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter was very comparable to when I use crumpled-up newspaper.

I do show in the video that after about 10 minutes the lighter cubes were all burned out but they stayed lit long enough to light the charcoal on the bottom. That led to the flames inching up the chimney starter and eventually out the top after about 20 minutes.

Well, in the following video I test them out before I cooked up some chicken thighs on my Weber 22″ Kettle Grill. After you open the box, it reveals a foil-covered lighter cube tray which resembles an ice cube tray. In fact, the actual lighter cubes resemble ice cubes as well!

Here are some images of the Weber Lighter Cubes in action

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Weber Lighter Cubes with a foil cover
Weber Lighter Cubes with a foil cover
They resemble an ice cube tray
They resemble an ice cube tray
Weber Lighter Cubes out of the package
The lighter cubes just out of the package
For scale, here they are in my hand
For scale, here they are in my hand
Lighting them with my jet torch
Lighting them with my jet torch
Placing my Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter on cubes
Placing my Weber Chimney Starter on cubes
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I would say that the Weber Lighter Cubes come as advertised. They work as well as crumpled up newspaper and I’m also going to use them in my outside fireplace as newspaper will burn out too quickly to light kindling.

I think if you don’t have a good source of newspaper in your house or are taking your Weber grill on vacation, a small investment in these lighter cubes is certainly worthwhile.

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