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Charcoal Grill Accessories you must have in your Grilling Arsenal

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Charcoal Grill AccessoriesI love to hunt for the perfect charcoal grill accessories because charcoal grilling is almost like a religious experience for me. I left my propane grill to rust in the corner of my back deck years ago. I use it now for a storage container for some of my grilling paraphernalia and, at times, I heat up some water on the side burner when we lose power during a storm.

I own a Weber Smokey Joe small charcoal grill and a Weber One-Touch kettle grill. Needless to say, I think that Weber manufactures the best charcoal grills around. Well, when it comes to charcoal grilling, there are some essential or must have charcoal grill accessories, in which you should invest. Hopefully this list will help you get set-up for a great charcoal grilling experience.

Charcoal Grill Accessories for Lighting Charcoal

With a chimney starter pictured below, lighter fluid is a thing of the past. All you need is a lighter or match, some rolled-up newspaper or paraffin cubes, and a chimney starter to get your charcoal ignited for the grill. The process of lighting a chimney starter is a very simple. I love my Weber Chimney Starter and recommend it highly. It’s the highest quality chimney starter I’ve come across and it works every time! You also need to have a set of long reach matches or a utility lighter that will light easily in windy conditions.

Grilling Tools You Simply Can’t Live Without

There are at least three grilling tools that you must add to your grilling arsenal. Those are a good set of bbq tongs, a long-handled grill spatula, and a quality basting brush. These three grill tools are my must-haves. They are all high quality and they are can’t-miss purchases in my mind. The first two come from Steven Raichlen, a guru of grilling and barbecue, so you can imagine that they are of the utmost quality and design. Another unique item I write about in this article is a BBQ sauce mop and bucket which add an extra layer of flavor and moisture to whatever you are cooking. The adjustable basting brush is made of silicone which is, in my opinion, the best material to use for basting when grilling or barbecuing.

Essential Protection for your Hands and your Grills

Weber Premium Grill Gloves
Weber Premium Grill Gloves

I used to use barbecue mitts when I grilled but I found them cumbersome and hard to use. These Weber Premium Grill Gloves are my go-to BBQ gloves when I’m grilling or using my barbecue smoker.

Weber Premium Kettle Cover
Weber Grill Cover

This Weber grill cover is perfect for my 18 1/2″ Weber grill but also fits the 22 1/2″ models. If you want your charcoal grill to last you need one of these. I have two on my deck! You can’t go wrong with Weber quality!

Charcoal Grill Cleaning Tools

I use a combination of all three of these BBQ grill cleaning tools to keep my charcoal grill grates clean.

Charcoal Storage

When you think of charcoal grilling, charcoal storage is probably not first on the list. To be honest, having a watertight sealed container next to my charcoal grill with dry charcoal is very important. My charcoal storage container of choice is the Kingsford Kaddy which is a rugged plastic charcoal container. I own two of these to hold my charcoal and charcoal grill accessories

The container shown on the left is the exact same container that I have owned for years, although my container is black with the same blue top. It has kept my Kingsford charcoal dry in all of the elements such as rain, snow, sleet, and hail. It is basically indestructible, has a convenient door in the cover, and perfectly fits a 20 lb bag (or smaller) of charcoal. This awesome charcoal storage container allows you to store your charcoal outside without cluttering up your house or shed. When we want to use our Brinkmann water smoker or our Weber grills, I just head straight for my Kingsford Caddy and I know I’ll have dry charcoal always there and ready for a great day of barbecue.

Charcoal Ash Disposal

Charcoal ash disposal should be a concern if you love to grill with charcoal. I also love to use my fireplace so I actually use this Behrens Locking Lid Can to dispose of the ashes in my fireplace as well as the ashes from my charcoal grills. The best thing about this can is the locking lid which is great if the ashes are still hot.

Since my charcoal grills are located on my back wooden deck, I am always concerned about a potential fire hazard. Having the proper charcoal storage container is extremely important to me. After disposing of hot ashes, I always tend to use a water spray bottle to fully extinguish the hot embers. The way I look at it, you can never be too careful. Since I also love to grill with charcoal in the wintertime, if there is any available snow, I will throw a handful of the white stuff on the hot ashes.

Another rather unique but very popular grilling accessory in which I recently invested is a Weber rib rack which is quickly becoming one of my favorite charcoal grill accessories since we love our ribs!

I hope this is a comprehensive list of must have charcoal grill accessories that will help you in your future charcoal grilling experiences. If you invest in these quality items, your life with grilling and barbecue will be as gratifying as mine. If you have any questions on any of these products, please leave them in the comments or use our Contact Us page.

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  • Awesome review and really packed full of info. Here’s an idea that bbq specialists can make use of to smoke or barbeque a lot of the most moistest bbq out there. If you’re struggling with your food dehydrating on the BBQ smoker or gas grill, try this step to promptly improve your barbecue. Whether you’re cooking ribs, chicken breasts, or any other meat, shower it using apple juice to keep a better moisture content degree on the food. A lot more moisture means your meal may be a lot more juicy and tender on the table. MMMMM barbecue.

  • Coleman grill accessories save you time and energy so you and your grill can share many more outdoor cookouts.

  • Great article Bob.

    Have you had any experience with the weber rotisserie for the kettle? I’m thinking about getting one, but am not sure if it’s really necessary.

    • Hi Kenny,
      Thanks for dropping by and the compliment. To be honest, I do not have experience with the Weber rotisserie for the kettle grill but after reading the reviews it appears to be a winner which is no shock to me! It looks like you need to have a 22 1/2″ kettle grill. My Weber One-Touch is 18 1/2″ so it wouldn’t work for me. The reviews of the product makes me want to get the 22 1/2″ Weber grill and buy the rotisserie attachment.

      It looks like it would be a lot of fun to have the rotisserie attachment. The more I think about it, the more I want it. Thanks again for dropping by Kenny.


  • Please be careful with the Grill Stones. Yes they do a great job cleaning the grate, but if your grate is coated they will clean the coating right off the grate which means the grate will now rust like mad.

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks! I used them for a short time but stopped using them and basically use a grill brush now.



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