Sizing up the Weber Smokey Joe and the Weber One Touch Grills

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I have had a number of inquiries from readers within the past few months on the difference between the Weber Smokey Joe and the Weber One Touch. Well, in the past I have written about both of these awesome Weber grills. I detailed the Smokey Joe here and the One Touch Silver in this post but I really haven’t written about both in one article comparing them. So, I hope this satisfies the inquiring minds since I own them both and use them both religiously!

I think a picture is worth a thousand words so I made it a point to take some pictures of both of these grills out on my back deck. I also added some dimensions with my snagging tool, Snag-It, so that you have a good idea of the differences between the two.

Weber Smokey Joe and Weber One Touch Grills

(Click on any of the images below for a larger view)

Smokey Joe Grill Grate Dimensions
Smokey Joe Grill Grate Dimensions
Smokey Joe Grill Height
Smokey Joe Grill Height
Smokey Joe Covered
Smokey Joe Covered
One Touch Silver Grate Dimensions
One Touch Silver Grate Dimensions
One Touch Silver Grill Height
One Touch Silver Grill Height
One Touch Silver with Cover
One Touch Silver Covered

Weber Smokey Joe Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble. Within 10 minutes you can have it fully assembled and ready for grilling!
  • Portability is one of the greatest features for tailgating, cooking at the beach, and camping.
  • 13.5” nickel-plated cooking grate is plenty big for your everyday grilling needs.
  • Nylon glass-reinforced handle is long-lasting and allows you to safely remove lid when hot.


  • Cannot easily dispose of ashes in the ash pan.
  • Need to place it on a table to get it up to height for easy grilling.
  • When hot, you cannot move it around easily.
  • Grill grate dimensions not large enough for a big crowd.

Weber One Touch Silver Pros and Cons


  • Perfect height for ease of grilling.
  • Wheels allow you to easily move it around your deck, even when hot.
  • Larger 17.5″ grate dimension is great for when you have to cook for a crowd.
  • Can easily dispose of ashes.


  • Assembly takes longer than the Smokey Joe.
  • More expensive than the Smokey Joe.

As you can see above, it was really hard to find any cons when it came to the Weber One Touch grill. In comparison to the One Touch, I could find a few cons associated with the Weber Smokey Joe but, to be honest, it is my favorite small grill. I use it a lot more than the Weber One Touch because when I grill it usually is for my family. Oftentimes, with a crowd, I fire both of them up simultaneously.

Needless to say, I love them both and you have to make up your own mind when it comes to which one makes more sense for you. I made it easy on myself and bought them both! If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments or use my Contact Me page.

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