How to Replace a Weber One Touch Cleaning System


If you need to learn how to replace a Weber One Touch Cleaning System on your own Weber kettle grill, this article and included youTube video below will show you how.

I love my Weber Grills but I must confess that I have neglected one of them for a while now. You see, the One Touch cleaning system within my 18″ Weber Kettle Grill seized up on me about 2 years ago and I haven’t used it since. I think I know how it happened.

I failed to use a drip pan religiously and, over time, the marinade or mop sauce that I had been using on my grilled meats just hardened up at the bottom of my kettle grill. This ended up seizing up the blades that are used to clean out the grill after each use.

So, my 18″ Weber Grill has been sitting in the corner of my deck (even though it’s covered) for about 2 years and I really haven’t used it. I could’ve used it but I always shut the vents on the bottom and top of my Weber grill after each use and the blades on the bottom were frozen shut so the vents were fully exposed.

I shut all of the vents after each use to prevent any glowing ashes from leaving the grill potentially causing a fire on my deck. I do use a grill mat but if a big wind happened to blow it could potentially blow glowing ashes onto my wooden deck since I couldn’t close the vents.

The youTube ideo below will give you detailed steps in replacing the Weber One Touch Cleaning System on my 18″ Weber Kettle Grill.

Here are some images of the box with the new parts and the contents.

Weber One Touch Cleaning System Box and Contents

Weber One Touch Cleaning System Parts
Replacement Parts
The installation of the replacement parts is identified and described in detail in the youTube video above.

If you need to learn how to replace your Weber One Touch Cleaning System, I hope this article and associated video really helped you out! Please leave any questions or comments below or contact me here.

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