A Charcoal Grill Mat is a Smart Addition to your Grilling Arsenal


A charcoal grill mat is an important and necessary addition to your grilling arsenal especially if you use your charcoal grill on a wooden deck. I have a number of Weber grills and a Brinkmann Trailmaster Offset Smoker that I use on my wooden deck.

A while back I wrote the article Can I use my Charcoal Grill on a Wooden Deck? since it emanated from a question from one of my readers. Well, since then, it has clearly become one of the most popular articles on this website. It tells me that people are very concerned about the prospect of using a charcoal grill on a wooden deck.

Well, within that article, I detail a number of safety tips that you should take while using a charcoal grill on a wooden deck. One of those tips is to make use of a charcoal grill mat which I certainly have done with my Grill & Garage Protective Mat. You can check out a youTube video I have created for it below to give you a first-hand look at this important grilling accessory.

Here are some images of my Charcoal Grill Mat

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Charcoal Grill Mat
Dimensions of the Charcoal Grill Mat
Allows for plenty of clearance around grill
Raised texture design in the mat
helps to avoid slippage
Grill & Garage Protective Mat with Smoker
I bought 2 Grill & Garage Protective Mats for use
under my Brinkmann Trailmaster Offset Smoker.

Features of the Grill & Garage Protective Mat

  • Mat Dimensions – 4 Ft X 3 Ft
  • Item Weight – 7 pounds
  • Color – Black
  • Material – Rubber
  • Flame and oil resistant
  • Diamond Plate Finish
  • Easy to Clean
  • Rolls up for easy storage

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If you also grill on a wooden deck or you just want to protect the area beneath your charcoal grill, this charcoal grill mat is the one I bought for my Weber charcoal grill. It’s easy to set up if you don’t want it to be a permanent fixture under your grill. But it looks so good you just might want to keep it on your deck at all times.

Here are some more grill mats to check out

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2 thoughts on “A Charcoal Grill Mat is a Smart Addition to your Grilling Arsenal”

  1. Hi Bob,

    Great pics and video! I just got a big charcoal grill, and have been worried about some of the sparks when lighting it on my wooden deck. I think I will try your two mat approach!


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